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PHC Gives Away More Free Games! (LOVE MEEEEEEEEEEE!)

My fans... I know you've never left me! I may have been out of the spotlight for a while, but I'm back! And I bring free games! That will make you worship me again, right? RIGHT?!
Anyway. Same rules as my previous giveaways - I'll request some kind of task (some kind of picture, writing assignment, etc.) and either your e-mail or Steam ID so that I can send you the code. I have codes for both Steam and Origin, and I know Origin sucks. But yeah. Here's what I have:

- Dead Space (Steam): What movie is my post referencing?
- Crysis 2: Maximum Overdrive (Steam): A picture of Nicolas Cage's face photoshopped onto an animal.
- Medal of Honour (Steam): Medal of Hodor picture.
- Dead Space (Origin): Write a haiku poem about your favourite fast food place.
- Burnout Paradise Lime Green Set (Origin): Picture of far too many keychains attached together.
- Crysis 2: Maximum Risk (Origin): Post a picture of a fancy-looking lizard.
- Dead Space 3 (Origin): Go to GameFAQs.com, vote in the character battle, and screencap the results page, indicating who you voted for.
- Medal of Hodor (Origin): Image of the flag of any country with a Z in the name.
- Mirror's Edge (Origin): Write a post about your feelings towards arcades.
Have at 'er.


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