I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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PHC Says Random Things In His Brain (100% Gaming Relateds!!2)

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I have a bunch of things I wanna say, but none of them are substantial enough to write a proper article about. Consider this a buffet of mini-articles.


How come everything skyrockets in price simply by slapping the word “gaming” on it? Case in point...
Normal computer chairs: http://www.staples.ca/en/office-chai…
Gaming computer chairs: http://www.staples.ca/en/Gaming-Chai…

I hate EB Games. Like. Fucking hate them. I went to three different stores after work looking for the Endless Ocean games for Wii. Now, I only half expected to find a copy, and I did end up coming out with a $15 copy of Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (which is a great price vs. the online going rate), but man, I can’t stand being in these stores. First store was pleasant enough, but I got talking about how I used to work at EB, and how I didn’t think the company was heading in the right direction, and the manager was arguing with me like a YouTube commenter. I tried to let it die several times, but she was really persistent. Kinda my fault, whatever, I paid for my game and left.


Second store, there were literally five people working there and I was the only customer in the store. One guy asked if I needed help, and I said I would be fine (I like to be left alone when I’m shopping). I went over to the Wii games, and another guy started asking me if I had a Wii U yet. I said I didn’t, and he tried to sell me one. I said I wasn’t interested, and went over to the DS games. The same guy follows me and asked if I had the New 3DS XL yet. I said yes, and said I’m just browsing. He walks over to one of the displays and grabs the box for Splatoon and again tries to sell me on a Wii U. At that point, I just threw up my hands and left. Guy’s like, “Woah bro, no need to act like that.” Definitely not going back to that store. Shockingly, I didn’t actually get visibly mad. I thought I was pretty politely saying “Just let me shop in peace,” but hey. Didn’t say a word, just walked out.

Third store, I actually found the second Endless Ocean game! Or I thought I had. Brought it up to the counter, buy can’t find the disc, and scans the case and says they don’t actually have it. At this point, I got pretty mad. Between my experiences that day and the bullshit, “We’re only going to have Amiibo pre-orders available for a single Saturday nobody but employees knows about” thing they did last month, I basically decided I was forever done with EB Games and I explained why in painful detail. Really, this company is not even trying to provide even mediocre customer service, and their prices are terrible compared to online. Unless you have no other choice, I suggest you avoid this company completely. They’re terrible.


I bought R-Type Dimensions (with a X-Bucks card I bought at a gas station, not EB Games) last night, and for games that are pushing 30 years old (R-Type 1 and 2), they’re amazing. Great graphics, great sound, really excellent game design. I admittedly am not at all fond of 8-bit games or pretty much anything made before like, 1990, but even as a huge shmup fan, I’m impressed with just how fun these games are. Highly recommended!

I can’t say the same about Symphony of the Night though. I tried playing it, but I just don’t like it. I mean, it’s GOOD, I can recognize that, but it’s so thoroughly not-interesting to me. Don’t like the art style, not really fond of the sprite work, thought the levels were a chore to navigate... Plus I found it really difficult. I could spend time trying to “git gud”, but it just lacks a “hook” that keeps me wanting to try. The music’s good though, I’ll give it that.


I ended up buying both Endless Ocean from LukieGames for a combined $40 after shipping, complete. I don’t know why I suddenly have such an urge to play these, but I really wanna be a fish. Not a dolphin, Neryl. You speciesist. I like exploring cool locales in games, plus I want to flesh out my Wii collection a bit.

Other recent game pick-ups? Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Devil May Cry 3, Remember Me and Tactics Ogre: Lettuce Cling Together.


Nintendo clearly understands its core audience better than Microsony, but they’re doing such a poor job of attracting core games to its systems. I don’t get it. The games Nintendo makes are usually great (even if most don’t appeal to me personally), but it’s weird that they’re not doing more to attract people like Atlus or MOSS to really pad out the niche appeal. That’s a small audience, but one that spends a TON of money.

Also, Nintendo should buy all of Konami’s gaming IPs not called Metal Gear or Soccer.


Honestly, of the three console makers, Nintendo is the only one I want to talk about. Sony and Microsoft are doing everything they can to be so horribly dull that I’m just completely disengaged from everything they do. I just don’t care. They give me no reason to.

Also, to Japan... Stop ruining gaming with your stupid iPhone games. Mobile games are to gaming is what McDonald’s is to food. Nobody in the west wants them, and Japanese people are only playing them because you keep making “westernized” games that nobody in the west actually wants.


And Capcom needs to make Mega Man Legends 3.

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