Part 2. I uh... I regret buying this shit. But, I bought it to review it, and review I must! If you missed Part 1, click the link below:

5. Sick Bricks ($3 each - on sale for $1 because seriously, look at these things)

Legends tell of an intersection of Lego and Minecraft, a place where cynical marketers aim squarely for the 5-7 year old boy market. The result is these ugly-ass things. I mean, the IDEA isn’t bad - take a bunch of stock cartoon characters and make a Lego knockoff for the Voxel generation... But that’s just it. These characters are not interesting in any way. They are as stock, generic, and predictable as you can imagine. If these things were really far-out, creative designs? I think they might have had something kinda neat on their hands. But this? This isn’t even trying.


That said, the paint job is pretty decent, but they feel cheap, even for $1. That these were actually being sold for $3 a pop is pretty nasty.

3/10. Unlike Lego figures, you can’t even swap the parts to make them interesting. Because they’ve gone for this Minecraft voxel look, they just look horribly generic at all times.


6. Batman Unlimited Mini Figure ($3)

This is not nearly as bad as that Marvel one from Episode 1. It’s the same price, but the difference in quality is absolutely massive. I couldn’t get a decent picture, but the paint is pretty good here. Solid plastic, very nice mould, cape is of a flexible plastic that makes it look more cape-y... It’s solid. Paint on the face is kinda rough, and there’s a blob of dried paint on the back of the cape, so it’s not perfect... It’s also quite tiny, even for $3.You can hypothetically swap parts, but these aren’t exactly Medabots here, so the swapping idea makes 0 sense.


6/10. Definitely waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than what Marvel has on offer from a similar line, but still a bit expensive for the so-so quality you get here.

7. Kinder Surprise Eggs ($4 for 3 eggs)


Kinder Eggs are awesome. The toys aren’t super-expensive, but the chocolate is high quality stuff. And it was tasty. As for the toys?

These cars are pretty great. These little wind-up toys have improved significantly since I last saw them as a kid; you pull back a little way, they travel a long way. It’s great! Beats cranking them up for a full minute to have them go 30cm. It sucks that I got two identical cars in a 3-pack though.


This... Thing. I don’t know what/why it is. Like. It’s not a toy. It’s just kind of... There. Even as a cat toy, my cat (whose name is Leonard) likes the little yellow capsules the toys came in more than this thing. It’s just kind of a waste.

7/10. The chocolate is always good, the car toys look/work great (even if they’re clones), but the ball thing is stupid.


In Conclusion...

Kinder Eggs are always a good idea, the Batman thing is meh and Sick Bricks are sickening. Now vote on how I destroy the shit I don’t like! :D