I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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PHC's Great Weekender Omnibus Topic Desu-Chan

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This is a topic of many topic, because as we all know, weekends slow down a little, and sometimes you keep hitting F5 in hopes of more topics. Well you're in luck, clang! Here's more topics to mull over.


1. What are some of the best gaming deals you've ever encountered? We've all had them - stupid-good discounts that don't even make logical sense. Earthbound for $5? Well smack me with a tire iron and call my Freddie-Mae. I recently obtained a lot of Sega Genesis games for entirely too low of a price. The auction ended at $13 + $8 shipping (I was the only bidder, somehow?). It included Strider, Rocket Knight Adventures, Earthworm Jim, Decap Attack (which I already have), X-Men (which I just sold last week) and Desert Strike. The first three alone, individually, are worth that. Wowzerz! What kind of awesome deals have you seen lately?

2. Gaming and fitness. Let's face it, some of us are fat. Some of those who aren't, aren't in good shape at all. Don't blame me, blame yourself or God. We can blame it on our lackadaisical hobby (unless you're a fiend for DDR or, like 10-year-old me, you jump around like a retard when playing Super Mario World), we can blame it on McDonald's making pink goop taste amazing, or we can blame it on genetics. So how the hell DO you stay fit as a gamer? Are some of you able to commit to the gym thing? What about those of us that are afraid of dealing with the "bro" culture of fitness? After getting a machine that helps me breathe during sleep and finding out my blood pressure is 156/100 somehow, I'm about ready to get my 250lbs. ass into treadmills and vegetables. (Disclaimer: My whole body weighs that, not just my ass).


3. What makes TAY so different from other gaming communities? Everyone here is so chill, and weirdly civil. There's no "Sony Ponies" or "X-Bots" being thrown around, there's no tinfoil hat-wearing topics about how women are daring to ruin OUR hobby (rabble), and there's no manchild elitism. After recently being banned from a retro gaming community for having the GAUL to ask, "What, exactly, is the benefit of collecting EVERY game for a system? Why not just buy the ones you actually want?" by a 32-year-old man who calls people with smaller collections than his, "peasants", I got to wondering - why is TAY so waist-deep in fantastic?


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