1. 1. Kinja is terrible on mobile devices. On my Blackberry, it doesn't let me upload pictures. On my tablet, the formatting is all fucked up.

2. How come when I buy a game on PSN, download it, and install it, I still have to update it? Pain in the ass much?

3. Autocorrect. I have it on the tablet because touch screens aren't very good, but some of its corrections are baffling... Why does "fucked" become "fuck Ed?"

4. Why is the 3DS eShop so pathetic? Nintendo, I'm away from home on business, I brought my 3DS and a $20 card... And I found nothing I wanted to buy. I brought my PS3 with me instead this time... Much better console to travel with, somehow.

5. I want Mega Man Legends 3.

6. Sempai doesn't notice me and it's all onee-san's fault!

7. Michigan is a shithole .(autocorrected to suitable, which is a damn lie). The US government is a fucking disaster. This country is depressing. XD


8. I still hate hipsters.

9. It literally took an hour to write this because of how large and awful Kinja is on a tablet..

10. I bought this Taco Bell brand salsa con queso (you know, like the Tostito's stuff?), and it was... Nasty. I think it was just Cheez Whiz with salsa in it... Had the consistency of Jello. Tasted like cardboard. Also, why do Americans say "queso cheese"? I guess the same reason they say tuna fish and ramen noodles... Mix of ignorance and redundancy. :P