I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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That's too much stuff. I'm going to tell you about all the shit I did, in chronological order. :D! I drove up to Richmond Hill from Brantford to pick up my brother. I traded him my old bike (I have a new one, and the old one was just sitting on the balcony) for everything below the Gundam kit. Most of it's junk that I'm going to be trading in, but the noteables there are Blazeon (an Atlus shmup I've never heard of), a Shaman King game (I like the series, so I'm keeping the game :D), and Muthafuckin' Chester Cheetos for the Genesis.
After that, I drove my brother and his (mute?) friend downtown, and we went to some shops. First place we went was Sonic Boom, this independent (but huge) used music/movie store (though they have new stuff too). I got The Elephant Man on DVD for a good $7 cheaper than I've seen it for online. Then we went to Honest Ed's, and it's still terrible. I've heard it's closing, and that causes me no negative emotions. Then we went in a few bookstores - at one of them (BMV), I found Lost Highway used on DVD for a great price, so I snapped that up. Then we went to Smoke's Poutine, and despite the hype I've heard from it, the poutine was pretty much flavourless and awful. I'll probably never go there again. It was bad. After that, I got pissy with a shopkeep for demanding I leave my bag at the front of the store (I fucking hate that - I get why they do it, but I'm neither a crackhead nor a teenager), so I went off to venture on my own.
First place I went was A&C Games, which is definitely the best video game store in Downtown Toronto. Their prices are high - everything rare and interesting is twice market value... But they also give great trade value (pretty much what you'd get on eBay after the fees) and will give you amazing customer service no matter how busy they are. There, I got some SNES game called GunForce, because it was $10 and was by irem. I hope it's alright. :P He also gave me two Magic the Gathering promo decks for free, because the dude there is awesome.

But the whole reason I wanted to go to Toronto was to buy a Gundam model kit. I've never done one before, but I loved doing Zoids kits when I was in high school, so I figured I'd try it out. :D Went to a store on Spadina (rhymes with vagina) called Anime Extreme. They have tons of stuff at fair prices (about the same as what you'd pay online), but the people working there are always assholes. I probably would be too - that area of Toronto is constantly packed with tourists, which are annoying enough, but an anime store would attract shut-in otaku tourists pretty much non-stop. So, I bought the one I thought looked the coolest (I was between three - I picked the Gundam Kyrios one because I asked random people which one they liked best of the ones I had, and they all said that one). Never seen Gundam 00, but I never saw Zoids, either. :D


So yeah. Today was fun. People in Toronto are still mostly assholes (except the people at A&C Games for some reason), but I came home happy. It's also worth noting that there's an amazing shawarma place in Oakville - I can't remember the name of it. It's on a street called Kerr, I found it on the GPS. :D Damn good shawarma. It's almost as good as the cherry pie down at the Lamplighter Inn, Diane.

Now, off to do things! And stuff!

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