I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Guys, I’m really bored. But I made an open forum (not to supplant the objectively superior one at 10am), since everyone else is probably groggy, miserable, and desperately checking their phone interwebs for some form of non-caffeine stimulation while they stare at their office Outlook inbox and ponder what needs to be accomplished before the day is done.

So, here’s some random thoughts. Feel free to share yours!

- Soma is a really, REALLY good game. Probably the best game I’ve played of all games released from January 2014 til now. Like. It might actually be creeping into my top 10 games of ever. Just don’t go into it expected a dumb PewDiePie jumpscare festival; it’s not that. The horror is accomplished less through the shambled biomechanical horrorbeasts, and more through a brooding, creepy atmosphere.


- Lego Dimensions is absurd. Kotaku is raving about it, and I see the appeal, but holy shit, the toys are overpriced! Not only that, but they’re just hideous! Lego is ugly to begin with, but to ask $30 for a few tiny figurines that don’t even look good? Mental.

- Catherine is a really good game as well. But, play it on Easy, unless you hate yourself. I got one of the “bad” endings, but it was actually the ending I WANTED to happen.

- Aikage and DS really like that Nick Cage pickle.

- I went through my game collection, specifically the Nintendo consoles, and pulled out all the Nintendo-published titles. And you know what? They dominate every library from Nintendo. But I look at the Wii U, and the number of Nintendo titles I’m personally interested in is... Miniscule. I don’t think the Wii U is failing because of third party support, I think it’s failing because Nintendo just isn’t putting a great effort into its own games. Here’s hoping the NX plays Wii U games.


- I may or may not be getting a PSP soon. What’s worth playing? I know Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 for sure.

- Fallout 4 is coming out the same day my fiance goes back to Aus. Coincidence?

- Although, I may be leaving on a plane to the US on that same day, so if Amazon isn’t speedy...!


- Really though, Soma costs $30. It’s a complete game. No cut content sold as DLC. It’s not a graphical heavyweight, but the art direction more than compensates. And on top of that, I’m maybe 75% done and I’ve spent 10 hours on it. How in the fuuuuuuck do AAA devs expect me to drop $80 + DLC on a game when things like Soma offer a superior product for bottom dollar?

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