I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Philly Area Cosplayers- We Need YOU for a Charity Event, June 6


Now that I have your attention, I'm heading a group doing a children's activity at the Super Run in Philly on June 6th. Anyone with "recognizable" or Western superhero costumes- Disney, Marvel, DC, Nintendo games, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. and six hours on a Sunday morning want to help with a cosplay meet and greet? We will have a non-messy art activity for the kids and chances for them to take a photo with you. This is a 5K run for the local hospital and animal shelter, and you'll make a kids day!


I would REALLY REALLY like a Star Lord of possible. I will make a helmet and the thruster boots for you to keep (free of charge, I have leftover materials) if you'll do it- you just need jeans, a grey shirt, belt and a red jacket (if you get me the fabric I can make that too!)

Not a Philly area cosplayer? Spread the word, and have any friends you know who are interested and avalible comment here.

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