Hello everyone welcome to another session of the one and only PhO-TAYgraphy Club, the unnoficial Photo Club of Kinja! I'm your host Nach and this is our second Free-For-All Session! I expect things to get a bit weird, don't disappoint me!Actually please refrain from doing that... cause today we'll be having some friends from Oppositelock visiting us, so please be on your best behaviour people! Look Normal!

*UPDATE* The guys at photography.kinja.com would like to recruit new personnel for their growing community! So if you want to join their group click over here!

There's one thing about photography that I love, traveling through time, wait... whaaa?! Yeah Time Travel, I love looking at a photo and reliving the moment that was captured there, it brings all sort of sweet beautiful memories of the past, or if it's not your memory, then you can create a story for each element frozen in that snapshot!

Heh, it's funny cause one of my favorite memories from the past comes from a game, Earthbound, the game has a feature that a photographer comes out of the top screen spinning around and telling you that he's photography genius, and that he will take some pictures to create some memories about the moment you just lived.

So, share your memories, tell the story behind that photo of yours! This is like making a short movie script of your own life ^.^ there's the comment section to do that, and while you are at it, Why don't you suggest some ideas for the next Photo Club? Which Theme would you like to see in two weeks?


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Never forget to say Fuzzy Pickles!