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Phoenix Wright never looked so beautiful!

Memory is a funny thing. In our memories things always look clear and amazing. Then we go back and play Resident Evil on PS1 and have no idea what happened to our brains to create such an obvious lie.

I’ve had this experience playing the Phoenix Wright trilogy on Switch. I kept thinking about how amazing the characters look since I played the first game on DS over 10 years ago. They looked just like I remembered: stylish, clearly drawn, colorful. Then I watched this video:


How the hell? What? I couldn’t believe it looked so bad on the DS. My brain did not remember any of the pixelation or ugliness. It is a huge and obvious difference in quality. I’ll never understand how the brain works.

What I do understand is how amazing the Phoenix Wright characters look on the Switch. If you haven’t picked up the trilogy yet get it now! TAKE THAT!

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