Do you remember back in July 2013 a brave man plagiarized came up with the greatest idea ever... to start a photography club for the people of TAY, the idea materialized and thus PhoTAYgaphy Club was born! It was a fantastic journey of the worst stories ever written supported by adequate photos... we covered themes ranging from Nature to Cities and even B&W photography, not to mention the countless sidequests... but then it all stopped....


What happened in the month of October and beyond?

October came and our hero had built a post for Halloween, he pondered to photograph his neighborhood but then thought to himself.... a guy like me taking pictures of kids... that won't end well! Then he thought of making a horror picture show, October 31st came and no post was made... what a shame! a wasted opportunity!

In November he had a trip planned to NYC and Philadelphia, after packing everything he decided to do a few changes and crammed everything he had on a small luggage, this decision was crucial; when he got off the plane and unpacked his bags in NY... the other lens was there, the charger was there, but the camera was nowhere to be found! It was a mess... but oh well! November also went by... no posts were made, and our hero was feeling a bit of shame... should he mention he had issues and can't keep with the club for the moment? He hesitated...

December was a month to forget, first and foremost December for him means Family, and Family means No time at all, to make things worse he had to deal with 20+ members all visiting at the same time... to the point his presence in TAY was diminishing... between the festivities, the cooking and the touring he barely had time for himself... Lots of pictures were taken but no time to process them and write a decent post.


January... <>; and in February the first half was spent focusing on the preparations for Valentine's Day, but on the 12th of February all hell broke loose, with a country falling apart, our hero found some time...

Welcome back PhoTAYgraphy Club!

This is the deal, Aikage will take the first post following the revival of the club, then Zarnyx will take over, I think I'll be able to whip up a post in the coming weeks, it all depends on how my situation improves! But yeah we'll be back and I will start hosting again the themed sessions! Sorry for all the inconvenience... hopefully with the help of TAY we the club won't go back into another hiatus! Thanks :D