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Welcome back to PhoTAYgraphy Club!

First of all, a round of applause to each and everyone of you, didn't expect to have such a great feedback for this club (at least not on the first official entry) , thanks for all the pictures, all the comments, heh! we even got past the 250 mark! Special thanks to e1salvador for promoting the club to Main TAY and to Zarnyx for doing the same with O-Deck.

Today we won't be sharing as much as I'd like to, instead we are going to figure out how are we going to set up the PhoTAYgraphy Club. (thanks to Neryl for giving me the inspiration to use a voting system and the title for today's post).

First Question. How do you feel about PhoTAYgraphy Club?


This I would like you to elaborate a bit more than just a simple poll, I would like to know how you guys feel about all this, would you like some changes? Do you like this at all? Maybe your host is a bit on the crazy side?.... things like that... So, hit me up in the comments section so I can gauge up your opinions.

First (Real) Question: How often do you want PhoTAYgraphy Club to be posted?

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Since the PhoTAYgraphy Club started I've been worrying too much how many times per month should we start a new session of the Club, obviously we all have busy schedules, and some of us would like some time to go out and take pictures, or process some old ones, so that's why I wanted to get over this question as soon as possible.

Second Question. Which day of the week do you want PhoTAYgraphy Club to be posted?

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Personally I think Monday is not the best day to start a session, I've done this twice because It'd give time to some of us to keep participating during the week (This post was scheduled to come up last Friday, but weekends are so slow around here, that I decided to re-schedule it for Monday morning), but if we are going to start to give themes for the upcoming PhoTAYgraphy Clubs, then I reckon we should start other day of the week, now that I mentioned themes...

Third Question. Do you want the club to have themed sessions?

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Simple question, it would keep the club more organized and give a chance to all of us to explore some uncharted waters, to get out of our comfort zone and try something different. If so, if you want themes, then the next question would be somehow related to this one...

Fourth Question. Themes... which one do you prefer to be our next session theme?


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I chose between these 5 themes to keep things simple for our next session, but if you have any other ideas, don't fret! write them up down there... you know the comments section! go ahead give it a go!


So, I'll give this post a few days to settle, that way everyone can post their decisions and comment about them, I expect that by this Friday I could give out some results, and if you feel like sharing any photos you took during this weekend you can use the comments section.

With all things set I will bid Adieu to you all, and thanks once more for making this happen!

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