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PhoTAYgraphy Club: Show us your Orange!

Autumn is officially here! Well... not for everyone, those who live in the southern hemisphere, the tropics or Florida will not be able presence the orange-fest that comes with the new season.

This season is all about the change of foliage of the trees, the smell of the spices, and all the holidays! And of course, the colour orange. Prepare your eyes cause it's the only colour we'll be seeing for the next few months.


So what better way to celebrate this jolly season than to share pictures of your many autumn adventures, so before the cold winter hit us, let's go outside and enjoy the season. Just like summer club, the idea here is to take pictures during your autumn outings of anything interesting that you saw and would like to share with us. Whether through your phone, point and shoot, DSLR, whatever! Just take a picture. It doesn't have to be anything super serious like going apple picking, or smashing some pumpkins! Fallen leaves, pumpkin pies, even the spice rack of your local grocer works anything autumn related works here.

There's a caveat... we want to divide this season into three different series, unlike summer club which was just one club for the whole three months. The first club (the one we're starting today) is all about the transition from summer to autumn.

I came up with the idea that each one of us could take a Shade of Orange as our entry title, for example:

  • Nach's Papaya-toned adventure.
  • As Zarnyx goes apple picking at the Cinnabar fields.
  • Swan's Atomic Tangerine daily routine.
  • Supreme Evan's Pumpkin field of dreams.
  • Neryl's trip to Persimmon, USA
  • Dangereous Bittersweet Shimmer venture to Smash Land.
  • #TUTfails to find the perfect orange.

... and so on, of course some unfortunate soul will have to use the colour brown =/ Make as many entries as you want with no set limit or time frame. That is, until the 25th of October... that's when Z will take over for the Halloween themed activity!


PhoTAYgraphy Club regulars, lurkers, EVERYONE - Welcome to Autumn!

Now, let us all get those cameras, take pictures and make your own posts to TAY Classic. (Publish to your personal blog but add the TAY Classic Tag).

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