Welcome to this edition of PhoTAYgraphy Club, where the kind request was made for everyone to share their pictures of water. Let's get to it!

Every year when Spring arrives, there are a few things of which I can be assured, most of the time:

1. The earth will finally be revealed under all that melted snow, and it will be muddy. Flowers and grass will fight their way to the surface.

Here, a fish clay pot I forgot existed, gathers up raindrops falling from the roof on a rainy Friday afternoon.



2. The once bare trees will be heavy with green, but for now, raindrops hang off their exposed branches as buds begin to form.


Catching a reflection of an almost forgotten Winter in bare trees.

3. A trip to the Bronx Zoo might happen. The animals may be quite active during an early morning visit, and shady business might happen near the monkey houses.


A waterfall near some trees that house some curious friends...


...one such friend playfully swings in the upper portions of the canopy, and wonders why I am focusing more on his waterfall and not his early Saturday morning antics.

A beautifully deep red hibiscus with a waterfall behind it...


...the same waterfall I've seen countless of times, with many a duck sitting atop it as is expected. Some things never change.

This particular portion of the Wild Asia exhibit is a favourite of mine: for its fly river turtles and the scary things that lurk just beneath the surface...


It would be remiss of me to not mention the peacocks at the Bronx Zoo. They're everywhere and truly rule the zoo. In the parking lots, in the Children's zoo, prancing around the rhinos, and hanging out by waterfalls.


Get over yourself. I was trying to focus on the waterfall you're hiding behind, not you. Jerkasaurus.

Those were my water adventures the past week or so and now it's your turn. What pictures have you to share with us, PhoTAYGraphy Club? Looking forward to your submissions below!

The above photo was taken in 2007 in the gardens outside a Ryokan my friend and I stayed at while causing a ruckus in Tokyo. It's one of the many things that also crosses my mind as Spring comes thanks in part to all the fun she and I had back then. We stood and watched the water peacefully pouring out into the pond for a few minutes on our final full day there. And theeeeen there was an incident about shoes and floors. A story for another day perhaps...