I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So I had a really cool idea. I've finally a plateau of game-buying where I have literally every (affordable) game I want. There are still the expensive ones to be bought when the retro gaming market crashes (and it will crash hard), but for right now, I wanna play shit!


I'm just about finished Illusion of Gaia, which is a fantastic game everyone should play, but after that, I have a lengthy list of games to play through. This is where you come in - I have a few I want to tackle, but I just can't decide, so I figured I'll let you guys pick, in exchange for a full review upon completion! Whatever you want to see an official TAY review of, as written by PHC, vote for it!

Your Options:

- Alundra (PS1)

- Beyond Oasis (aka, The Story of Thor) (Genesis)

- Cybernator (aka, Assault Suits Valken) (SNES)

- SaGa Frontier (PS1)

- Super Metroid (Super Famicom)

- Terranigma (SNES)

- Wild Arms 3 (PS2)

Commence democracy!

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