I'm really feeling it!

Cosplay, a case of Hello Kitty'ism or something more sinister?

Discovered in the darkest reaches of the internet, a curious abomination of nature was spotted in the wild. Seemingly adorable at first glance, further investigation revealed that a Pikachu was playfully donning the skins of fainted Pokémon.

His latest victim was a Charizard, gone too soon.


For odd reasons, the Pikachu has placed himself up for sale for the staggering amount of 5,280 yen (about $45 USD). The price point may be justified because if you think about it, it's really two Pokémon for the price of one.

Or was it one and a half?

Here's another picture for all of your odd needs:


Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo Stuffed Pikachu on sale at https://www.nippon-yasan.com and at the Pokémon Centers in Japan for cheaper, if getting there is an option.


Other iterations of nightmarish cuteness available in pin form or metal charms, perfect for warding off friends.

Thanks to UI for bringing this tragedy to our attention.

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