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Pixelympics! Finalized Roster!

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Use the DirecTAYry to contact your teammates and figure out a way to talk to each other on the fly. This can be Skype, IRC, Text, Email, whatever you want that is easiest.


Final Teams: 8

Upcoming Events

Week 1: Mario Kart

  • Number of events: 2 (1 3DS, 1 WiiU)
  • Systems: Wii U and 3DS
  • Players per team: 1
  • Win condition: Each 1st place win nets 1 bronze medal for your team.

Future Events

  1. Super Mario Brothers Speed Run
  2. Mario Kart (Wii U and 3DS versions)
  3. Minecraft - build the best structure
  4. DOTA 2 tournament
  5. Roguelike endurance run
  6. FPS
  7. Board Games
  8. Super Smash Brothers Wii Mini games
  9. Platformers
  10. TBD


Team DisMessed Out of Hand

  1. Messiah
  2. DisturbedShadow
  3. KCet
  4. Stranger
  5. StygianKnight

Team UI's Bargain Bin

  1. UI
  2. BattleBorn
  3. PocoGRANDES
  4. JpSr388
  5. ToxicBunnies

Team Aikage's Stacked Deck

  1. SupremeEvan
  2. Aikage
  3. Dyram
  4. E1Salvador
  5. Raise Your Magic Morie

Random Team 4 (or Team Put Me On Whatever)

  1. PSWii2008
  2. InvadingDuck
  3. Revo
  4. Rockmandash
  5. ProtonStorm

Team Ugh

  1. TommyMFPickles
  2. LoserMLW
  3. Barkspawn
  4. GeneralMcFist
  5. Novibear

Team Not Sure If Serious/Nintendo

  1. GBD
  2. Steve Bowling
  3. Zarnyx
  4. Nach
  5. Swan

Team Sexy Pod Sixers

  1. Unimplied
  2. Urilikya
  3. Timehacker
  4. Quiddity
  5. Division Ten

Team Benchwarmers/Possible Lucky Eight Ball

  1. Aestevalis
  2. Kaiiboraka
  3. MainProtagonist
  4. BlitzKaiser
  5. RatBabies

Team 11th Hour

  1. xSpiegel
  2. SnaktheDogenthusiast
  3. Dragoture
  4. RodyFilsAime - seriously. He's a dead ringer.
  5. .

Plan on starting next week (Sunday). Our first even will be Mario Kart Tournament for Wii U and Mario Kart 7.


My gameplan is that most of the time Events will take place on Saturday. So for example, the Speed run you practice all week and then Saturday you Twitch/Youtube/Video Record with phone and upload to TAY/whatever your attempt at a set time. So we'd have a sign up for times post at some point.

Only 1 person per team competes in events except where noted.

Image artwork courtesy of JpSr388.

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