I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Kalos Crepes, Kalos Cheese, Kalos Froakie Legs- wait, not that last one. It's Pokemon SaturTAY! It's the 21st of September, which means there's not many weekends left until you too can be drinking Kalos-pressed coffee on the streets of Lumiose City.


So, what's happening this week in the world of Pokemon, other than me referencing episodes that aired in May 1997?

Well, the Shiny Palkia distribution event continues until September 29th in the States, and September 26th elsewhere at various video game stores. I got mine just a short while ago, and after that until October 20th (US) and October 11th (elsewhere) is the Shiny Giratina event.


The last episodes of the Pokemon Best Wishes series are airing in Japan. The final episode is to air this Thursday, and then it's two specials showing Iris and Cilan doing their own thing. As a whole I've not been too impressed with Best Wishes, though it did have Giovanni being awesome, and that excellent Virbank Gym battle. It remains to be seen how Pokemon the Series: X/Y turns out, though trailers seem to be indicating a strong first few episodes.

Pokemon TV on the official website has the first five episodes of the Kanto arc up now, so if you're interested in a blast from the past, it's well worth checking out. The Diamond and Pearl 2 parter 'Pokemon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu' is also up there, which features Pokemon Hunter J, one of the cooler villains of the series. It's also Mystery Week, so there's some mystery themed episodes from various regions available to watch too.


The limited edition Pokemon X/Y 3DS XL units come out on September 27th. I already own a 3DS and a 3DS XL, so I doubt I'll be picking one up unless I happen to fall into a lot of money. In other hardware news, the 2DS launches alongside the 3DS/2DS only X and Y series, so it could serve as a nice upgrade path for anyone who's been hanging onto their original DS series line.Speaking of the new games, there has been a lot of news coming out about them. A lot of news. I'm struggling to keep up with the flurries of interviews happening revealing titbits of information, though one interesting thing I'm hearing is that capturing a Pokemon in battle still nets you XP. There's also been reveals about the level of trainer customization. That last part excites me greatly. Nach can tell you how serious I take my outfits, from Animal Crossing. (Do not mess with adorable bunny hat mayor.)And Stormborn continues his excellent Pokemon One a Day art series on TAY. 19 down as of yesterday, 630+ to go!This being TAY means we can (and should!) talk amongst ourselves. Some possible topics for discussion this week might include:

  • Have you pre-ordered the game? If so, X or Y (or Both)? Has anything swayed you in one direction?
  • Legendaries and Event Pokemon: Do you use them, or do they sit in their box?
  • Starters! The second forms of Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin have been revealed. Are you set on what you're getting, or is it all up in the air?
  • Natures: How important are they to you? Will you reset to get the best nature for your starter, or continually catch Pokemon until you get one of the right nature?
  • Lastly, with Best Wishes coming to an end, how have you felt about the series? What's been your favourite and least favourite parts or characters?

That's it for the first edition of PKMN SaturTAY. Stay for the TAY, and see you next week for more ancient references, burbled news and 4Kids-quality puns. There's only one way to play us out, and that's a little Jason Paige.

(Seriously, EP009 'The School of Hard Knocks' was aired May 27 1997, and got aired in the US September 18th 1998. They sure do love their idealized France, which might be why when some tourists get there and find it to be very different from how they believed, they come down with Paris Syndrome.)

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