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Symbols representing 90 of the different sets of Magic: The Gathering cards

Magic: The Gathering is one of the most prolific games ever made. With over 90 expansions, 15,000+ unique cards, and several different ways to play it is an absolute monster. It could be the most complex and in depth game ever created. It’s therefore amazing that playing with totally new players is still easy and a ton of fun.

The absolutely brilliant design of Magic is such that there is always an entry point to the game for new players. Whether it be a “core” set of cards (a yearly set of reprints and new cards meant to give a unique base to the current meta), introductory practice decks of current sets, or well balanced new sets of entirely new cards and rules that function both within themselves and the larger game, Magic is simultaneously easy to understand and endlessly challenging to master.


Today on my day off I hung out with a few friends and we ended up playing Magic. A few of us have been playing off and on for many years and range from very experienced to Magic genius and rules judge. Two other people had barely ever played a real game and had a loose concept of how it worked. We broke open some Core Set 2019 decks and taught our friends how to play. It was a ton of fun.

Core Set 2019 decks

No matter how many times I play, no matter how simple or complex the decks and format, there is always fun to be had due to the meticulous balance of the cards. In our primary match we played a 4 player free for all. We chipped away at each other staying evenly matched throughout the game. It was a lot of fun, super casual, and we explained as things got more complex as the game went on.

If you’ve been wary of trying out Magic because of how massive it is - don’t worry! There’s always an easy way to get into it. Even if you stick with a more casual style of play it will always be fun. But if you get really into it... you’ll find a seemingly never ending universe of creatures, spells, abilities, and more. Magic really is something that every gaming fan should try. It’s hard to imagine any collectible card game ever surpassing its legendary status.

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