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Playing Catch Up (pt. 1?)

Having less free time, finite funds and more responsibilities often means that some things get left to the wayside. Most of the time this usually means curbing my hobby purchases - not only for the financial savings (yay!) but also because I know I just won’t have the time to get around to them.

I am not, in fact, 17, but the statement is still relevant!

That being said, I try to keep up with news related to my hobbies (gaming, comics, certain television shows, Gunpla) because I’m afraid of being left behind in the pop culture landscape.


The internet nowadays connects people from across the world across borders and time zones, and it’s really changed what being a fan can mean. Previously, being a fan of a niche product (hi anime) was very isolating; it was relatively tough to meet new people outside of your local high school (or university)‘s anime club. Now? Now you have your local school club, but you’re also connected to a smorgasbord of forums where people share your interests. Side note: anime is still pretty dang niche though, don’t get me wrong.

However, being connected to vastly more people than before means that the shared knowledge base exponentially increases as well. Word can spread relatively quickly and if you aren’t in the know - then sometimes it feels like you get left behind.

Which brings me to the main point: FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. It’s a nagging feeling I (and I’m sure others) feel that, when we aren’t in the know, we’re missing out on something potentially huge.

And that feeling is partly what drives me to regularly check up each night on TAY and read each, and, every, single, article, that, got, put, up. It, is, exhausting, and, I, have, no, one, to, blame, but, myself.


The funny thing though? I’m enjoying every minute of it. Whether it’s about collaborative story brainstorming, catching up on backlog, artists we like, anecdotes about being a parent, game development, reactions to E3, revisiting old games, fan theories, poetry, or stories from the games we play, every post has been personal, insightful and fun.

I’m relatively new to TAY, so cut me some slack on not knowing what a great community this place is.


Let’s keep on writing everyone!

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