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Playing Inazuma Eleven 2 Blizzard (Part 1)

Current Playtime: 1hr 36min

Having recently watched the Inazuma Eleven Scales of Ares anime which acts as a reboot of the original series 2nd arc, I decided to once more make my way through the original 2nd arc, this time however, through the 2nd game rather than the anime. It’s been a long time since I finished the 1st game in the series and even longer since the anime, luckily watching Ares did bring back memories of both and set me up in a good position to start this adventure.


SPOILER WARNING (for the 1st hour and a half obviously)

So, as the game begins we’re treated to a small animated cutscene of an object crashing into Earth and and spreading some kind of mysterious energy across the globe. Soon after, we cut to Mark (Endou) snoozing soundly in bed as his mum comes comes to remind him to wake up for practice.With a little pushing, our football loving hero wakes up, ready for some morning training. So, our story starts off around a week after Raimon beat Zeus to win the Football Frontier during the finale of the 1st game which was a very hard fought match for the team (though I personally found it a bit too easy). Cause of Raimon’s new found stardom, the team hasn’t really been able to practice together the past week and just as they get together to finally do so on the riverside, disaster strikes as the team witnesses a ‘meteor’ head toward their academy. Rushing to the crash site, the team finds the school in ruins and and encounter the perpetrators who claim to be aliens (Ha!) that have come from another planet to conquer the Earth via Football (Haha!). The Raimon Eleven and Mark in particular are furious at the destruction they’ve caused and their misuse of football and so head on over to Umbrella Academy, the site of the next alien attack, to challenge these invaders.

Soon the come face to face with Janus and his team Gemini Storm who proceeds to trash the FF champions in a match, even going so far as to crush the Inazuma Break, the team’s most powerful shoot technique. Things look bad after Raimon’s defeat but our ever optimist hero isn’t giving up yet as he rallies his teammates to face the aliens once again. With that settled, Raimon is introduced to a new coach and given a mission to travel across the country, seeking the strongest players they can find in order to create a team capable of defeating the aliens once and for all.


That’s all the took place within the game’s first 1 and a half hour. It was pretty much all setup and an on-rails experience with dialogue capping the majority of my playtime. Actual gameplay consisted of a couple of random bouts and one ‘major match’. The bouts were all about scoring the first goal with only one being a challenge to steal the ball. The so called major match was a scripted loss and as thus was only partially playable. From what I’ve played though, the game seems very much in line with first, with sort-of real time strategy gameplay a where you direct your team, using the stylus, from a top down view. When your players come in contact with an opponent, the game pauses and choice, of either a normal maneuver or one of the series’ famously over the top hissatsu techniques, is given. The techniques cover the different aspects of the sport and inlove things like creating a giant energy hand (God Hand) to protect the goal or creating copies of the ball in order to dribble past the opponent (Illusion Ball). With that, those unfamiliar with the games should have an idea of what they’re like. Anyway, back to the major match, as I said it was scripted but it still sucks to lose especially when you’re forced. The Aliens decimated my team without even resorting to their hissatsu techniques which makes it all the the more devastating. Still, there’s nothing like a good kick to the face to get get you fired up (Note: Please don’t actually kick someone in the face to fire them up) and the Raimon Eleven (and myself) are ready to set out and kick some alien arse.


And that’s all for this article. I’m going to try to put up a post every time I put some hours into the game as a way to both motivate myself to get through a ever accumulating backlog and be more active with drafting up new pieces. Thanks for reading and hope to get back to you soon.

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