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Playing Inazuma Eleven 2 Blizzard (Part 2)

Current Playtime: 2hr 28min

As we gather our crew and prepare to board the bus, the game switches over to Nara where the Prime Minister is currently visiting, to help unveil a deer statue monument at the Nara Deer Park. As the ceremony commences, our foes from Alius Academy crash the party and in the blink of an eye abduct the Prime Minister from the crowded area. Switching back to our heroes on the Inazuma Bus, the news of the PM’s abduction is quick to reach their ears and after a bit of explanation on the scouting system (used to recruit more players), the team sets off to Nara to find clues that will help them beat Alius as well as to start their search for the strongest players in the land.


After a long journey (for the characters anyway), the team arrives at Nara and are set to investigate the crime scene at Deer Park. Unfortunately, their plans are thwarted by some secret service personnel. However a bit of rummaging around the area turns up a bit of juicy info relating a certain fear held by the security guard. Exploiting this, the team manage to get the guard running from his post and soon make their way to the deer statue. This part so far is, again, mostly story driven with about 3 randoms bouts thrown in. Two consisted of stealing the ball, which I prefer since I usually don’t waste any TP (the points needed to perform hissatsu techniques) in these and one first goal challenge. So, after winning those bouts and conversing with a couple of deer, the team arrives at their destination that is the Deer statue. Upon arrival, Alius Academy’s calling card, the infamous (and super heavy) black football, is immediately spotted but before the team has a chance to gleam any information, the secret service along with the Prime Minister’s daughter shows up, accuses raimon of being aliens and challenges them to a match against her secret service team.

With this we enter our first proper match of the game to prove that raimon are in fact not aliens. The match was a decent challenge with the secret service actually holding majority possession of the ball and evening the score after a quick goal from my side at the start of the match. Most of the first half however consisted of the ball moving back and forth with no real headway on either sides mainly attributing to the fact that three of our team’s prominent players were still recovering from the Alius match and thus sported severely crippled stats. As such, our coach makes the decision to take them out, dropping our team to a 8 v.s. 11 showdown. The disadvantage was felt but without having to worry about our players not being able to use hissatsu techniques, I quickly went all out, blazed through TP and Fire Tornadoed that ball in the net, giving us a 2-1 lead. Unfortunately, scoring another wasn’t feasible with the negligible remaining time but victory’s still a victory.


After their defeat, the Prime Minister’s daughter, Tori, reveals that it was all just a test and expresses her desire to join Raimon in their quest though is quickly stopped by the secret service. With that, they leave and we get a little more info on the game’s recruiting system and are then left to properly investigate the park on which note I saved and thus ending this write up.

Anyways, thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll be able to put up Part 3 soon.

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