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SO, Shining Tears, I kinda just started this game on a whim and it was Ok, so far. I thought that maybe chronicling my journey though the game would be an interesting endeavour and maybe motivate me to play it all the way. I did try something like this before with Inazuma Eleven 2 but that fizzled out after 2 tries. But hey, 3rd time’s the charm, probably. But, anyway, let’s just get on to it.

Starting off, like all great JRPGs, we find ourselves in a warm, cosy hut where a tiny blue-haired fairy and minstrel on a rocking chair start to tell a tale, a tale which begins as all great tales do, with a spiky-haired young fellow on the ground having a common case of amnesia. From there he finds himself in laying on a bed at the local inn, courtesy of Elwyn, an elf who just happened to be passing by. The local quack doctor patches him right up and in a few weeks, our hero (whose name is Xion) is ready to quest and kick some monster’s best.


He also happens to have some cool rings that that with appropriate names that allow him and his partner to get stronger and also give him a personality. I played like 30 mins so far, so only the tutorial battle has been completed. It was kinda like the older Ys gams just not as sharp and a bit clunky. There was also the fact that you could control both characters simultaneously with one controller which definitely felt awkward but could be an interesting mechanic later on.

Overall, a fairly generic start with a rough opening battle (gameplay-wise) but I generally find most RPGs take an hour or 3 to really find their rhythm. Once I revisit the game, I’ll make sure to chronicle it here for that 1 person who glanced through out of curiosity.

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