I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Playing iWolfenstein II: The New Colossus/i Is Emotionally Brutal In Trumps America

I started playing Wolfenstein II after signing up for Xbox Game Pass on PC and the first few cut scenes were pretty hard to watch.

The intense hatred of Nazis displayed in the scenes has an extra layer of emotion due to President Trump openly supporting Nazis and Nazi and white supremacist violence increasing in the US and all over the world.


Killing Nazis in the game isn’t quite as enjoyable in Trump’s America because the scenario is not quite so fantastical any more. What was once pure fantasy is now an increasing fear. In the real world in America today, no one is killing Nazis, but Nazis are voicing their disgusting opinions and murdering people - which is exactly what they do in the game. You, as the hero, are a fiction, but the villains and their words and actions are a growing reality.

The fantasy of Wolfenstein is kind of lost a bit because of this. Reality is inching closer to the game, and however long we have to go (and hopefully we’ll stop short of a full blown Nazi America far far farrrr before it happens) I can feel the creep of Nazism in the back of my head while playing.

When the people were making the game I’m sure they didn’t think it would have a greater emotional impact. Nazis being bad were a given. They made the game prior to Trump being elected and multiple high-profile white supremacist attacks. The devs never thought there were good people on both sides. I wonder what, if anything, they’d change if they were making the game now?

I’m glad the game exists and I’m enjoying playing it, even though it’s more emotionally draining. Having an explicit fuck you to Nazis in a game is a good thing today. It’s just sad that I even think that to begin with.

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