Playstation Mobile is a platform Sony released a few years ago under the theory that through a quick approval process and embracing Unity, they could rapidly have a mobile games storefront that would compete with the big boys. What they ended up with was an awkward, poorly organized shop in the PS Vita’s digital store flooded with Flappy Bird clones, HAMSTER CORPORATION releases of who-knows-what, and a few great games that went woefully unnoticed by the community at large.

It’s being shut down tomorrow, which means if you want any of this, you better buy now.

You can find the Playstation Mobile store in the PS Store on your PS Vita (check the top bar, on the far right next to the Search box).

Here are a few PS Mobile gems you may want to check out with appropriately succinct descriptions to pique your interest:

Passing Time


A soccer game that has you tapping the screen to pass. Strangely deep and addicting.



It’s a real time strategy resource management game. One of my most played games of 2013. Not kidding.

Life of Pixel


It’s a platformer that takes you through levels accurately representing early game systems (Atari 2600, Commodore 64, NES, Gameboy, etc.)



Do you like various types of excellent music? Does the above look familiar and/or fun to you? You should play MUSYNC.

Oh Deer! Alpha

Fifty cents. Nuff said.

Honorable Mentions

Super Crate Box got a lot of my playtime on PS Vita but I know it’s available all over the place. Also, Gunhouse, which I only just bought last night and put about ten minutes into. It seems... real good.


Anyway, do yourself a favor and check out PS Mobile one last time. You may never see some of these games again, especially on your PS Vita!

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