I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I got one with my Destiny game, so basically, I will give it to the first person to post a comment saying they want it. I have a catch though, I have class for the next 2-3 hours and assuming more than one person wants it I have a different idea. Make me laugh and it is yours? Make me cry and it is yours? Make me mad and it is yours? Make me confused and it is yours? Make me completely and utterly confounded to where I will not be able to think rationally anymore and it is yours?

Eh, lets just go for the laugh. I really haven't had much to laugh about in the past two months due to school and working two jobs so it'd be much appreciated. Regardless, if no one wants to try that, then I will revert back to the original plan which is to give it the first person who says that they want it. Oh and as a requirement, if we aren't already friends on PSN then give me your PSN ID and I will send the code to it. This way no one can steal the code, because obviously if I did it in the comments there is a chance that the person who wins could get screwed.


So yeah, I will check this post as soon as I get home and read comments and update it win there is a winner, complete with a bold title showing people how quick/maybe funny you are!

Oh and also, I'm still alive so long time no see/read! Is everyone well?

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