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Every once in a while indie titles can get lost in the ever collapsing and expanding menus of the PlayStation Store, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Thankfully, if you missed it back in October, March’s PlayStation Plus lineup rights one of these terrible wrongs.

Get To The Choppa!

Always sound advice

Broforce is a game that should’ve already existed before South African developer Free Lives stumbled upon the idea of making Chuck Norris roundhouse kick Contra. It didn’t however, and what was produced after said roundhouse was a love letter to classic action adventure cinema and 16 bit gaming. The premise is a simple one, take some of the worlds most famous bros (and brodettes), cover them in American flags and have them kick the asses of the worst terrorism has to offer. The player takes control of a random Bro and fights their way through a series of baddies to literally get to the chopper at the end of the stage.

Do You Even Bro, Bro?


Every time the player drops into a map they are spawned as a random Bro. The Bros, who are usually only a typo away from a sharply worded lawsuit from their given studios, are varied and all have different special abilities. Rambro has a machine gun and can throw a million six grenades while Brade needs to get up close and personal his sword using his special dash to close gaps. The list of Bros playable is wide and spawning as a new Bro every time you die takes some of the frustration out of repeat deaths since you might respawn as a Bro more suited to tackle the current situation. Some of the characters that I found myself liking to play most were the likes of Time Bro who could slow down time and use his iconic JCVD split kick, or Broheart, whose rallying battle cry would send enemies fleeing in terror. There were times I found myself wishing that I could choose which Bro I wanted, but the randomness and the excitement of unlocking a new Bro to play as more than made up for it.

However, there are some Bros missing.

Bro In, Bro Out.

Another great addition to Broforce is its drop in drop out cooperative play. Because Broforce’s co-op is not just limited to online, it’s also local, which makes it a perfect addition to have on hand for when friends or even little bros randomly drop by. If you’re not into playing cooperatively then there’s also a dedicated battle arena to keep you busy, but it’s really only fun in short bursts. Keep in mind that things can get a little crazy when more players join the party, and you might find yourself loosing track of your Bro on screen but Broforce is at its best when its enjoyed by great friends.


If You Can’t Beat Em’ Go under Em’

Digging tunnels can help you avoid boss damage.

Destructible environments are also a tool at the players disposal as I’ve found myself digging tunnels to avoid packs of enemies or to give myself extra shelter against some of the game’s tougher boss encounters. With multiple players it’s possible to take the destruction a little too far so even though Broforce’s couch co-op is great players may choose to go solo to progress at their own pace.

Free Lives also added in a level editor for players to get creative with. After the main campaign if finished it’s a great way to still get your run and gun fix while challenging your friends at the same time.



Score: 8

Underneath its cinema laden pumped up exterior Broforce is a smart, tough (but fair) run and gun shooter. If you missed it last October or are one of those that easily dismisses non Triple A titles do yourself a favor and pick up Broforce right now while it’s free.


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