I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Bumble Bee is my Spirit Animal. Image credit: http://teentitans.wikia.com/wiki/Bumblebee
Bumble Bee is my Spirit Animal. Image credit: http://teentitans.wikia.com/wiki/Bumblebee

While the news is permeated with the Nintendo Switch I decided to do something different by discussing cosplay. I’m not a professional cosplayer but over the years I have gotten more into it. There is an art that comes into the hobby but most of us love to do it because it’s fun. So for your reading pleasure here is the beginning of my journey to become Bumble Bee.


It all started with ordering costumes online to mix and matching different concepts together. Last year I went to Otakon, I have been attending for 5 years, as the Eeveelution Sylveon. My friends went as the other forms so you can imagine the response. We literally got stopped every 5 seconds for photos but it was awesome.

I am She and She is Me. Image Credit: http://sassnsting.tumblr.com

My friends and I decide what we are going to cosplay when we get to the convention so for next year we picked a Teen Titans theme. As we picked out our heroes I decided to go as Bumble Bee. The main reason is that she’s a bad ass. The other reason is that despite African American cosplayers being vibrant, we still get judged harshly for portraying white characters. The scrutiny can be worse more so than if we choose someone with brown skin or alien types. Its a sad reality but I have seen change coming so we can only keep cosplaying until it does.

A Valkyrie for context. Image Credit: http://celestial-star.net/renders/download/4/
A Valkyrie for context. Image Credit: http://celestial-star.net/renders/download/4/

But anyway, onto my journey. I had no idea that not only can making your own costume be expensive you have to add in time. A lot of time. So today’s post will be about prepping for the journey. I decided that not only will I be Bumble Bee but I want her to be a Valkyrie. We all know what that means, armor.

After doing some research with Kamui Cosplay at her YouTube page and downloading her digital books I was ready. My list was as follows:

1. Digital Books (set of 6)

2. Black Worbla (about 3 jumbo sheets)

3. Duck tape or painters tape

4. Plastic Wrap

5. Heat Gun

6. Scissors

7. Craft Foam ( a lot)

8. Primer

9. Black and Yellow/Gold Paint

10. Plastic Spheres (for breast plate)

11. Various connectors for the armor

This list could literally continue but this is where is starts. The digital books describes how to create your own fabric templates which is awesome. I can’t wait to get started and to take you guys on the journey. Otakon is usually in late July or August so we have a while to go.


Have you cosplayed before? Have you made your own costume? What was your process? What do you think about cosplay in general? Let us know in the comments below.

Until Next time guys,


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