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Poetic Thoughts: My Games of 2017

I was reflecting on the games I played for 2017 and before I stalled out at the end, I managed to get through a lot! Most of the games I played I didn’t finish but since they are JRPGs and I played about 50+ hours in all of them, its almost like I finished right? Here are some that left an impression on me.

Tales of Berseria


Releasing in January, my genre started off with a bang with this game. I wasn’t sure what to expect since Tales of Zestria left a lot to be desired. This game is supposed to be its prequel so I kept my expectations tempered. I’m glad I did. It ended up being one of the best Tales games that I have played since Vesperia. So much so that it appealed to me on emotional levels that no game has done for a long time.

Magilou is the best girl ^_^

The skits make the characters more endearing and the mechanic of having your own ship is new for the series. The combat is more fluid but can become overpowered if you know what you’re doing. This is a must play for the series especially if you have checked out for a while.

Persona 5


I had nothing by high expectations from Atlus for the fifth installment in the Persona franchise. After delaying the US release date and hearing the stellar reviews the game got in Japan I was more than ready to be swept away. The soundtrack is one of the most memorable since Persona 3.

Yass with the crouch pose!

The graphics were sleek, attractive and visually stunning. The characters were also great but maybe not as endearing as the previous two installments with Morgana being #1 on my hit list. The game play is still turn based and lets all the naysayers know that TB combat isn’t dead just yet. I would play through the battles for the victory screen. It was a bit too long in some respects and some of the dungeons were too long as well but despite it all there was enough there to push through and enjoy.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony


There isn’t much I can say about this game without spoiling it but just know that it is a worthy installment for the franchise. I was a bit saddened to not see familiar faces but their story was wrapped up via anime and it was time for the rest of us to move on. The story plot is the same though.

Monokuma and his damn button...

A group of teenagers called “Ultimates” awake in a strange school with no memories of how they arrived nor any ways to escape. Egged on by the Monokuma Cubs and Monokuma himself, the teens are told that in order to escape they have to kill each other and get away with it via class trial. I will say that this game has one of the most memorable “Nightmare” portraits of one character in particular. I can’t even look up stills of the game without coming across it to freak me out. If you love fucked up stories and Ace Attorney style game play then Danganronpa is the game for you.

Utawarerumono Mask of Deception and Truth


This is a visual novel/strategy game continuation of the previous series, Utawarerumono. This game and it’s prequel have anime adaptations as well with the localization of the prequel coming in the near future. Anyway, this game had me crying at multiple intervals. The anime is a good introduction but it leaves out so many things that picking up the game is a must.

Good morning, beautiful <3

Once again, this is another game that if I say too much I can spoil the plot. For a brief intro, the main protagonist, Haku, wakes up in a strange land with no memory rescued my a strange girl with animal ears and tail named Kuon. Kuon takes care of Haku as they travel around learning about the world, his past while picking up beautiful companions on the way. Did I mention there was some fan service elements? Nothing too major but fair warning. I put at least 100 hours between both of the games and it was time well spent.

Night In The Woods


This adventure game follows the life of Mae, a college drop out, as she returns to her hometown with the friends she left behind. The character is trying to re-establish old bonds while learning more about herself and the mysterious happenings around her.

Is that right? Oh dear...

This game was a little too real at times but that is what made it more enjoyable to play. It was also a nice break in between the long as hell games I was playing. It’s written well, beautifully displayed and smart.

Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood


If you look through my profile you will see that I wrote A LOT of pieces about this game. I enjoy this world so much and consider it to me more true to the Final Fantasy franchise than the recent installment.

Is that a samurai? Yes, I think it is

Stormblood, or 4.0, is the second expansion for the MMO and offers various quality of life improvements, more dungeons, new jobs, new worlds and more story. It is still in the early stages of its life, we are only coming up on the second major patch come January, but it has been an enjoyable experience. I have some other thoughts about the game but that will have to wait until later.

That is the bulk of the main games I played. I played a few more but I either haven’t started the game yet or it didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. Those are:

  • Cosmic Star Heroine (Didn’t start)
  • Period Cube: Shackles of Amadeus (Typical VN fare. Fun but nothing remarkable)
  • Hakuouki Kyoto Winds (Great game with great additions but only half finished with the sequel date not announced...)
  • Tokyo Xanadu (Didn’t start)

There were quite a few I missed as well!

  • Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Order
  • Digimion Next World Order
  • 2064 Read Only Memories
  • YS VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA (when they fix the translation issues)
  • Bad Apple Wars
  • Steven Universe: Save the Light

Needless to say I will be keeping the 2017 RPGsite list handy when the sales come around. All in all, 2017 was the year the PS4 started to hit its stride with the JRPG genre and my Vita was continuing to get love as it is slowly being replaced by the Switch. I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring.


How did your gaming go for the year? Did you play any of the games I mentioned? How were the games that I didn’t get to if you got to play? Let me know in the comments section below.

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