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Pokémon: 17 Years Of Generating Nintendo A Steady Revenue

This is Part II of the highly anticipated and acclaimed Your Pokemon Dream Game: Why It Won't Happen Anytime Soon Saga.

Here is Part I in case you were living under a rock at the time of its creation.


17 years ago, the first two Pokémon games were released in Japan for the Gameboy under the titles of Pocket Monsters: Red & Green, and subsequently, localized versions were released in NA, EU, and AUS within a few years . The games in Japan were well received which inevitably led to the creation of a diverse multimedia franchise which Japan is known for. This franchise includes a TCG(trading card game), manga, anime, and endless amounts of pokémon related merchandise; this was before the release into the Western hemisphere and the Down Under. When Pokémon was released in these places, under the titles of Pokémon: Red & Blue, Nintendo already had this franchise established and as most people reading this know, Pokémon was a huge success among the youths outside Japan. For roughly.

Cumulative Sales of Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow(every single game of the 1st Generation worldwide) sold 32.5 million units. This value is astounding even by today's standards when the gaming population is much larger and gaming is much more accessible than almost 20 years ago.

The Second Generation, Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal did almost as well as the First Gen, but simply did not sell as well. This generation sold 26.75 millions units worldwide(still an amazing amount).

For the remaining Pokémon generations, the base games(2+1 games) sold around 20 million units per gen. Those figures are still very impressive.


The sales of future generations, as well as spin-off games, can be found here.

Why is this spiel on Pokémon history relevant? Well, for one we can see that Nintendo had successfully created a franchise in the late 1990's that raised the Gameboy from the dead(it was released 7 years prior!) and hooked a significant portion of Generation Y/Z on Pokémon and everything which Nintendo attached to it. By hooked, I mean Nintendo cast out a Weedle and reeled in a shiny, freakin' Gyarados;


they proceeded to use a Master Ball on the Gyarados, knowing all too well that if they missed this chance they'd only have Mario and LoZ to rely on. From there on, Nintendo realized that the shiny Gyarados would always be by its side, purchasing whichever console(mainly handheld) they released and the inevitable Pokémon game.

As if Nintendo had discovered an Action Replay to life, the Shiny Gyarados Concept could be replicated as much as they want and never even obtain Pokérus! Over the next 17 years, Nintendo exploited this concept by continuing the cycle of using their endless supply of Masterball's on more and more shiny Gyarados. New generations of children were in some way hooked to the Pokémon franchise which always led to back to handheld Pokémon games. Previous shiny Gyarados are still there waiting to be called back whenever Nintendo wishes.


Introduce a new Pokémon generation, make 2+1 new gen games on their latest handheld device, plot-shift the anime(plus anime movies), make new merchandise/toys, rinse &repeat. Type this into life's Action Replay and one of the most successful gaming franchised in history is created(I think its more successful than Mario).

This success is all achieved through the Nintendo's handhelds consoles, which have been most notably the best throughout the past decade. From the Gameboy to the DSi(this Oct. the 3DS), Nintendo has introduced Six Pokémon Generations, all of which have been successful and not just some passing fad with the children. While the game was initially created for developed for children, as were most handheld games at the time, the series is open for anyone of any age to go buy Nintendo's newest handheld and play some Pokémon with friends, family, and now complete strangers.


If you are not that informed of the Pokémon's Conquest over the past few years and have made some remarks on "what all the fuss is about," then I urge you to ask Nintendo what's so great about a game that is a godsend for licensing merchandise and creating games which sell 20 million units plus each few years. While its not always about figures and profit, its mostly about the money. What I have been trying to say this whole time is that Nintendo is doing a damn good job at keeping their old fanbase(as cynical about the new pokémon designs as they may be) and continually bringing in new customers with a simple, safe, and user-friendly approach.

I may skip the next article since its basically summed up as the console games sucked and handheld were better, as pointed out in this one. So expect How the hell do they develop this "dream game" to be the next one.


Also, this should have been written like 5 days ago, but MH3U, homework, and Meteos

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