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Pokémon Go Is Finally Coming To South Korea

Pokémon GO is finally releasing in South Korea.

Pokémon GO hype returns!

Once-popular mobile phone phenomenon Pokémon GO! is finally making it’s way to South Korea in a full release according to South Korean news site KBS.


Pokémon GO is currently only playable in South Korea if you visit the northern seaside town of Sokcho, or select parts the southeastern city of Busan.

John Hanke of Niantic recently visited South Korea to tune out some issues with the games service in the region.

The game’s use of Google maps was previously a cause for controversy, but has finally been resolved in a way that will not interfere with South Korea’s domestic laws on map sharing.

This news comes following fan speculation that a major game update is on the way. Express UK posted an article a few hours ago about fans data mining some new features hidden in an upcoming forced update to the game.


Also, Hey TAY~ Long time no see. I kind of went ghost since moving to Korea, but I’m back in the states for a short vacation!

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