I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Pokémon Go Ruins Friendships

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Hashtags are the dangerous games I often play. There are days I opt to leave things to chance. Others, I live on the edge and incorporate them into my musings. Yesterday was such a day where I engaged in the latter practice, and it cost me dearly.


Our very own Evan made the news this morning courtesy of hashtags and The Guardian:


Canadians have a sense of humour, they report. They sure do.

And now, a fond farewell to my once friend.

Dearest Evan,

Don’t forget your other friends in the community who supported you here at TAY, when you and your pikachu make it big and go viral. I know I may have donked yesterday when I made the decision to tweet about your brilliance and ruined our friendship but it all turned out okay.


You’re headed to super stardom.

Freudian Trip has seen an increase in business prospects.


Go forth and make us proud, Evan.

I have no regrets.



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