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Pokémon (OH) Snap!: Hiding in the Tall Grass...(Part I)

Summer is almost here! It's a time when some of you will be on vacation enjoying sweet, merciful freedom. Others will be at their jobs cursing your sweet, merciful freedom. Personally, I dislike Summer a lot. It can get really hot and sometimes humid. People expect me to grill out in the sun and blind my eyes with foil. Psh! But...it's not all bad, I guess. It means I can play badminton, for one. It also means that I can go take some Pokémon out in the grass with camera in hand and write a stupid Photo Essay. It's Pokémon (OH) Snap! Time!

In 2011, I bought my first Pokémon game. Two, in fact! I got Pokémon: White for my sister and picked up Pokémon: Black for myself. Back in the day, I watched the animated series when that first aired. Yep, I teared up at the end of the first movie when Ash died (and at the theatre too! Ah life stories... are all of mine this embarrassing?). Oh, did you not know Ash died? Was that a spoiler? Sorry (but not really). As for playing the actual games though? No. Those were lost on me. Although that's not completely true. My sister and I rented Pokémon Snap one year and spent many hours taking pictures of those darling pocket monsters.


With the purchase of my first Pokémon game, L (my sister's child - who you may or may not remember from last week) became quite interested in my Pokémon game and in the Pokémon toys I chased down from various McDonald's establishments. Whatever. Don't judge me.

He was always insisting on taking the toys out into the yard to play. My sister chose to start her game with that smug-looking bastard Snivy and I chose Tepig (of course, I would). And so one day in June 2011 I decided why not construct a horrible Photo Essay while playing Pokémon with L. Basically, I created two narratives using the same set of photos. The first story which I will share today is the innocent, clean version of playtime L. had with Snivy and Tepig through his eyes.

Without further ado, L's Story...:

An Epic Battle is About to Begin

A Battle of Friendly Greetings! Because they're friends, of course!

Friends who frolic in the tall grass, and take a moment to smell the flowers. Ahhh, it certainly is a beautiful day today.


The grass smells fresh and summery!

And the colours out here are gorgeous!

The flowers smell beautiful too.

::sigh:: It's all very true.

Fly, Friends!

We're off to find food because it's time for lunch!

Mmm! Yummy! Eating is what I do best!

Scrumptious. A happy end to a happy, sunshine-y day with two friends hanging out in the Tall Grass.


...the story of a four year old boy, his favourite Pokémon friends and imagination.

Stay tuned for Pokémon (OH) Snap!: Hiding in the Tall Grass...(Part II). It's the grainy, uncensored, and slightly disturbing edition through the eyes of a person with way too much life behind them. Yeah. That's exactly how I wanted to phrase that.

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Also, I've been meaning to post this for a while but was trying to figure out the best approach. With Summer coming and CallistoEx's genuine enthusiasm of a Gogoat, it gave me incentive to just get it done. That Gogoat is pretty damned cute.


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