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Pokémon (OH) Snap!: Hiding in the Tall Grass...(Part II)

When we last saw our heroes, Zarnyx and L. were having a friendly battle in the tall, green grass. At least, through the eyes of four year old L., the "battle" was one that entailed friendly greetings, stopping to bask in the warm glow and the fresh scents of Summer, and enjoying a quiet luncheon together.


As I watched L. play, I could not help but try to impart some of my knowledge to him. However, in June of 2011, he was not so much into bashing Pokémon together, stats or Hit Points. No one 'fainted'. As per his imagination, these were little friends who would never fight. Why would they? What was the point?

L. dictated whatever we did that day. I found it rather amusing that he had me with Pokémon in hand to 'fly' around the yard. All I wanted to do was re-create a Pokémon battle in photos. Perhaps it was that my imagination was already molded to think a certain way as per the game and I could not think outside the box. He was vehemently opposed to my battle narratives of lost HP. I chuckled quietly as I watched him and came up with Part II of my Pokémon (OH) Snap Photo Essay.

The second story is not so innocent. What lies ahead is my battle time with Snivy and Tepig, and by extension, it was the verbal battle I would have with my sister as we played our separate games and checked on each others' progress (and of course, the 'friendly' sibling rivalry of who has the better Pokémon. And clearly my Sawk was far superior to her Throh. For the record though, she actually ended up faring better than I near the end of our respective game plays of the Pokémon: Black & White series . I don't want to talk about that).

As a reminder, for this Photo Essay experiment I used the same set of Photos and different narratives to express L.'s Play versus my own.


Without further ado, Zarnyx's Story...:

An Epic Battle is About to Begin...

A battle that's not so epic because what does that Smug jerk think he's doing? He knows he's grass type and will get his ass busted up by the fire type. This is going to be a damned massacre.


This chance encounter in the wild is survival of the fittest. The camouflage is blown and there's no where to hide. The flowers won't help. Sizing up the enemy, and planning an escape route is the only option.


Eye on the prize - it's time to strike.

It's now or never - decision time.

Heat Crash - a devastating attack sees Tepig throwing his body into the air and with the entire weight of his body, he crushes his opponent.


It might be the last thing you see...this fiery ball of pig hurtling towards you from above.


Fly (...what?)! It's our only hope to get out!

But it's too late.

The Beast is caught. The Beast is consumed.

The feast is enjoyed and too graphic for any further viewing. You lose, Sister.

...the story of a girl, her nephew's Pokémon and a nightmarish re-telling of his imagination.


Hey TAY and Kotaku, I never said my narrative would actually stay true to the game or be accurate. My imagination adheres to an entirely different set of rules some times.

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