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Pokemon Omega Ruby + Alpha Sapphire Mascots in Speed Painting Form!

Today, we return to Pokemon One a Day!11!1one1!

Nah jus playin! But I know you want that Season 2...COUGH AHEM

OK! Back on topic - Pokemon ORAS has been released to great fanfare and impressive sales! Where I think as an experience, Pokemon Silver and gen 2 as a whole is my all time favorite (can't lie, nostalgia amps it more than anything), but my time in Hoenn in Sapphire for the GBA was the one where I really went all out and invested hundreds of hours of game time to explore, train my guys, and battle my friends "competitively".


Thus, I was excited to see the remake with the now staple X and Y visual engine. To commemorate the release, a speed painting had to be done for SeeBonnyDraw, and you can watch it here:

This one was a fun piece to paint, and narration was fun too. The style I went for was very clean and colorful, creating a more interesting composition than what was first explored as you'll see in the video. I mixed a playful approach to certain elements of the piece, such as the waves and having Rayquaza's "whiskers" break through the borders of the piece.

Here's the work in full:


So, what do you guys think!? Makes me miss Pokemon One a Day! It largely took over my mind drawing this piece. I wonder how I would have ever tackled these three separately if I ever got that far...

But anyway, for those of you who are playing the remakes...What do you think of them? I'm gonna cop AS soon. Still working on that Wii U and Smash doe...

Thanks for checking in TAYtertots!





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