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Mushroom Pokemon : Bug/Grass Type

Don't adjust those dials, your monitor is just fine! And you're not hallucinating either- its just Paras! And before anyone says, no, my little friend here is not under the influence! I mean, yeah he's got mushrooms on his back and part of that aspect of the design is why I decided to go all trippy, but he's sensitive and hates when people say such things about him, mmkay?! And besides, he looks so sad and defeated...He could use positive reinforcement before his soul is taken by his parasitic overlords :(


Let's begin! Paras is pretty cute for a parasitic bug thingamajigger. When I was younger, I thought he was a crab or something, what with him crawling about with those legs and having these pincer like appendages that are quite similar to those of the crustaceans. Apparently, they're based on the "nymph stage of the cicada" with mushrooms chilling on its back. In the anime, you can see that it can remove the "tochukaso" as they are known.

These mushrooms are parasitic, and drain poor Paras of his energy and nutrients, and to some degree command it to do its bidding...Which is the focus of this illustration. I built up the work as usual with an outline and began to color it with flat bases before beginning the rendering process. Then, after having read a message via Tumblr over the weekend about a specific brush I used for drawing and coloring these pieces, I realized I should start exploring more kinds of brushes and explore new visual concepts. So, thank you for that question, "waitforthestars"! I found a "natural brush" and started to use it, and at first it wasn't very appealing to me but I realized that over time it built up quite well, really delivering a nice feel of realism of real brush strokes.

After a while, the work began to look too safe so I used photoshop magic to over saturate the work and began to throw in some more colors in areas that needed more lighting and shading. This helped me launch the direction of creating a twisted hallucination like effect that I would imagine poor Paras going through as he nears itself to evolution. As we'll see tomorrow, Parasect is freakin' crazy cool with his background...We talkin' zombies homie.


Paras eventually came to be finished and I soon made duplicate layers and altered their colors and began to change the opacities of those layers to help create a stacked effect. I then went over the work with a sharpening tool and threw in some extra brush strokes to unify it all together and voila - one hallucinogenic twisted neony not under the influence even though you think it because shrooms and shiz Paras at your beck and call! I purposely went to make him blurry while having a certain sharpness to him at the same time.


Thanks all for reading and viewing! I had a lot of fun with this one, and stoked to discuss and draw Parasect...A grim subject which is perfect for Halloween coming up very soon! See you tomorrow!



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