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Pokemon One a Day RETURNS! Let's look at Dugtrio!

The Mole Pokemon

Ground Type

And we're live! Welcome back to Pokemon One a Day! How'd you guys do without the series? Perfectly fine, you say? Oh. Right. Well, yeah, we were good too, on vacation in the Kalos region. So nyah!


Before the hiatus, I went 50 straight days of delivering fresh new art to TAY and select social media platforms. Everyone who's shown me love here on TAY and otherwise ; thank you, you sexy men and women. I dedicate my work to all your kind and encouraging words. Without further delay...Let's begin!

Last time we left off, we saw a Diglett that was created from its rather plain but unique appearance. Much of the original was left intact ; the tube shape, the style of the eyes and nose, and the coloring. However, it was a few slight changes that really pushed it into new grounds. By adding a simple snout and mole paws, Diglett got a new look that really honored its "mole pokemon" title.

We take that concept and bring it right to Dugtrio!

I thought to maybe play off of the original one since I got my main gripe cleared with Diglett, so I could really differentiate the two for the series. However, I quickly remember it was Dugtrio I had a problem with! What a boring and uninspired design!


There are plenty more Pokemon Game Freak designed with a 2 or 3's in mind. Now, don't go all crazy on me but…it's rather lazy, isn't it? I'm look at you Magneton, Dodrio, ClinkClank, Dugtrio, Vanilite, and the rest of you!


Thus, I wanted to take the trio part of this creature and add some novelty to the actual illustration and design. One of the official description of Dugtrio say that its a team of Diglett triplets that form together to create a Dugtrio. What in the hell does that even mean? Does it mean that Dugtrio is a self-given name to a gang of Diglett? Or do Digletts band together somehow and reconstitute themselves into a new anatomical disposition!?

Or am I thinking about this too hard?

Yeah, I definitely am.

I looked to Hydreigon, of generation 5 for this interpretation. My Dugtrio, a mole with a mean looking expression in homage to the only change given to Dugtrio which is "angry eyes" *eye roll* now has two burrowing paws and claws that create two artificial "heads" that are used for threatening or defending itself depending on its position.


When trying to intimidate creatures, both prey and as prey, Dugtrio will stick its head out only slightly higher out of the ground, with its arms at the side of its head, giving it the IMPRESSION that it has 3 heads (a la homage to the original Dugtrio) and hoping to buy a meal or buy some time to escape.

I had to figure out if I wanted to have the arms actual heads or not, and I think it was simpler and much better to make it so that they're dummy heads, and kind of like Scizor's claws; designed to feign the look of extra heads, I guess by way of evolution and what not.


I think this compromise is both playful and fits the direction I wanted to take. As for the art style I went for today's interpretation, I went for something fun and simple, with bold lines and softer coloring approach. I gave him the star nosed mole look to further differentiate himself from Diglett, which is something the original never did, and utlimately made me hate it.


And there you have it! The return of Pokemon One a Day has arrived and gone! Hope you enjoyed today's art and are excited at the notion you'll be getting new art once a day! Till we hit weekends of course! I'm going to attempt more written work to share here at TAY in between, so I'll need time to squeeze in for that! And breaks of course, for creative reasons and what not.



+ Pokemon One a Day is a series illustrated and curated by Bonny John in an effort to represent the the first generation of characters from the world wide phenomenon that is known as Pokemon. The idea is simple - to draw and share one new Pokemon a day (weekends off!) until every Pokemon from the set is completed. This project is an exploration of fine art styles for learning and leisurely purposes.

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