I'm really feeling it!

Today I present to you a tale of sadness.

I was over at my grandmas house today, hanging out and just spending time with the family, much like we do every week, and I figured it would be a great time to start just training to level up Pokemon to fill out the Pokedex. So I sort them all out into various boxes with names like "Make Babies" and "Give Stones", and just figuring out who I have that I just need to evolve to fill out the 'dex.


Meanwhile we are watching a movie, so I'm just mindlessly grinding out Pokemon and splitting my focus between the two. As the movie progresses, I start focusing more on the film and less on my game. Just running around mashing A and letting Gardevoir tear up anything in her path at victory road.

I would make sure that every encounter I at least look down at the screen for a quick glance. If anything to see what leveled up so I can switch it out after it evolves. At one particular point within the movie, I am just 100% focused on that so I didn't even bother to look down. I just set my 3DS on the table and occasionally pressed some buttons.

I then look down and see that I am shooting off a Psychic right at this guy above.

At first I didn't want to believe it was shiny, I just thought it was a special effect of using Psychic. But then I was like wait... Gurdurr's buff biceps are a shade of purple... not pink...


I hastily check the Pokedex and as I see the little '001' next to the sparkling gold shiny counter up top. In that moment I feel the regret well up inside. This is the picture in the dex, fully reminding me that I had this fateful encounter, and derped... hardcore.


So that's my tale of Pokemon regret. I guess the moral of the story is, pay attention more when you're farming wild Pokemon. Even though a shiny Gurdurr isn't something I would particularly use, it's not like having one wouldn't have been nice, just to say I got a shiny in XY.


Have you guys had any regretful moments while playing Pokemon?

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