I'm so sorry Stormborn/Bonny John! I couldn't resist!

Just some backstory: My brother is a senior college student. He's actually not that much younger than me. Anyway, he's getting his degrees in Philosophy and Religion as well as a minor in Corporate Communications. But even with all that, he still somehow has time to draw Pokemon during his classes.

I got him Pokemon Blue last month for his birthday, and since then he's been sending me random pictures of Pokemon. So I figured I'd share a few.

Fist off we have Squirtle. This Squirtle represents the ramifications of a life wasted. It shows us that we need to try new things and actually live our lives, or else we will regret it in our twilight years. That or my brother drew a beard so he wouldn't have to draw that complicated shell pattern anymore.


Next, we have Caterpie. What has this Caterpie seen that we haven't? What revelation has he had that we cannot fathom? Is the Caterpie actually dead? I asked my brother and just ended up crying whenever I brought it up.


Sandshrew, ground type, fainted. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic Pokemon. Sandshrew will be that Pokemon. We can make him better than he was before: better, stronger, faster, and maybe with some rocket feet so he can learn Fly. That would be rad.

Dangit, Oddish! I don't want excuses! I want results! I also want people to spell your name correctly when they draw pictures of you!


Fact: Diglet can learn Slash and Cut. Therefore Diglet is a knight. Therefore Diglet speaks with an British accent, jousts, and enjoys searching for the Holy Grail.



And finally, we have Gastly. My brother actually decided to paint this one. I'd criticise his technique and execution, but he's painted more than me in the last few days then I've painted in the last few weeks...I'll let it slide this time...

Once again, I'm sorry for spoofing Stomborn's brilliant Pokemon One a Day! Check out his awesome creations if you got a chance!