I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Pokemon Tourney DAY TWO!

Tonight/day is the second day/night of the Pokemon TAYnament! Here's how it works - Post what times you are available (don't forget your timezone) and reply to others who have made their times available to set up a time to battle (Even if that time is in five minutes). Post your Friend Codes with your posts as well. Try to battle as many people as possible! Alternatively jump on the IRC and find people more quickly there.


At the end of each battle post the results on your initial post (or if someone can figure out how to make a spreadsheet work, I can't figure it out...). I will tally the results each day. On Sunday we'll have two groups, one composed of people with high wins/losses and ones with less stellar ones. Those will be decided tournament style, with three battles in each set.

If an admin could enlarge these posts each day that'd be appreciated.

EDIT: Don't forget to battle three times! These are not best of. If you don't think you can win forfeiture is an option, but still counts as a loss.

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