Hello TAYter Tots and TAYter Tottetes (?)! I know some of you are making your first journey into the World of Pokemon in the next to be released Pokémon X/Y, yesterday while looking for videos related to the series to post on TAY Time Chat, I stumbled upon this channel The Dex. PokéKellz and (insertnamehere)Alex guide you through different topics and strategies for newcomers into the series.

This nifty little guide will inform some of you about vocabulary related to the Pokémon series, they even crated an easy to understand guide for EV Training!

I learned stuff I didn't know about the games, so even seasoned trainers can learn from these videos! The hosts although a bit cheesy, are pretty cool and know their stuff ^.^

Anyhoo... that's it from me! Hopefully you'll learn a lot from these videos, and see ya soon in the Kalos Region! (can't wait!)