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"Start your adventure in the new Kalos region with a Poké Ball and a dream of glory, and soon you'll be on a journey to amazing new places, where you'll meet and defeat rival Trainers, Gym Leaders, and even the Elite Four themselves!" - excerpt from the intro text of the Pokémon X & Y Official Kalos Region Guidebook.

Just a few hours ago the doorbell rang, I opened it and there was a package with the Pokémon guidebook (hardcover of course). I've read through it a bit, admittedly, I haven't read every word, but I know what's in it and am here to give you guys an impression of what to expect from this book.


(The cover when you remove the dust jacket)

(The back when you remove the dust jacket)

This thing is even more beautiful when you take off it's jacket, oh but did I mention that the jacket doubles as a Kalos map?

Yeah dat's right

As you can see, this book looks great (ok that may be a matter of opinion, but I think it looks amazing). But that's not the reason why (most people) would buy a guide.


This guide is a guide and strictly a guide. What does that mean? This guide goes in to a lot of detail, but only about the story line (so no post League or pokédex things in here, not even pokemon stats). It does include however (next to a walkthrough, which is done with both a detailed walkthrough and a "recommended route" showing just route and city names and a quick list of things to do in each town), is a trainer's handbook (containing a description about the different aspects and features of the game, without going in to as much detail as the features guide) and a features guide (containing detailed descriptions of the different features of the game such as Super Training and Berry Farming). The guide is comparable to the Diamond and Pearl scenario guide (hopefully there will be a Pokedex Guide as well).

The guide came with a cloth to clean your 3ds screen and a map of Kalos

The screen cloth, on the other side you see Xerneas and Yvetal. I made a picture of the other side but my phone wouldn't connect to my computer now, so I can't show you that. Sorry


The Kalos region map, as you can see there are short descriptions of what you can find in different cities and routes.


On the other side of the map you can find a type matchup chart, with different perks that different types have (like fire Pokémon being immune to burn).

I like to picture myself as an adventurer carrying this map in my back pocket as I venture through the Kalos region.


So, I've told you about the different things you can find in this guide. Now for a short summary of it's perks and derps (you know, things it doesn't do as good) and a score.


  • It looks fabulous. No really.
  • Well organised and to the point. Finding the information you want is very easy.
  • It tells you everything you need to know about the story line.


  • It only tells you things you need to know about the story line. While it explains a bit about IV's and EV's in the Super Training bit, it doesn't give any information about Pokémon stats or the post story. Though admittedly, that's not really to be expected.
  • It tries to shy away from spoilers (in a way). With this I mean that they don't tell you things such as TM's you don't find until after you defeat the elite 4 (for example: it lists tm 05 but doesn't tell us what it is). It's a minor thing but feels a bit weird considered how factious and Encyclopedia-like this guide is.

Of course, you'll find more pros and cons for yourself as you read this book, but this is what I found while reading the guide until now.

For who is or isn't this guide?

  • This guide is for people who want something to guide them through the story line/give them tips about the story line or how to complete the game/people who want an explanation of other aspects and features of the game or people who want help locating items or Pokémon.
  • This guide is not for people who want a full list of Pokémon, stats and items with all the information available about them or a guide to the post League part of the game. If you want that I recommend you wait for a Pokédex Guide to come out (which I'm sure will eventually).

I give this guide a 4.5

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