I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!


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Some of you may remember a few weeks ago I was posting about this marvelous new indie game called Poncho. Well sadly, It's kickstarter didn't go so well but it did receive a massive amount of exposure and that included being in the recent EGX London event.
Thanks to this they were able to carry on some work on their alpha build but even more exciting news is the fact they were picked up by a publisher!


They stated that there is no need to fret over this, since usually publishers are the evil ones who do nothing for indie devs except extort them and make money off their games. But they tell us they have full creative and independent control over Poncho.
They have been working on their alpha build for a few months now and said they have added some new AI, added features and easier to see designs. So I personally can't wait to try that out!

They haven't given up on this game yet and they haven't given up on porting this lovely game to consoles either. That being said they can confirm this is coming to PS4 and PSVita, so I know some of you guys will enjoy this!
They were also Greenlit on Steam so another great indie game to joy the masses of games in everyone's libraries.


They hope for this to be released by spring 2015 so I cannot wait!

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