I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I had an idea and wondered if any of you guys would be interested in participating. Since people do Throwback Thursdays with pictures, why don't we do Postback Thursdays with posts?

Ever wished more people saw something you posted on a weekend? Something you wished the newcomers could read and give their opinion on? Then Postback Thursdays are for you!


Every Thursday I'll post a blip with a few links to older posts that you guys will send me. (I'm putting a minimum of posts at least a month old, so it actually is a throwback.) Start sending links to me at Damson_Rhee@aol.com if you're interested. I'll randomly draw a few each week to share.

(Please don't post links here, since that would defeat the purpose of Postback Thursdays. Thanks!)

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