...changes everything. Frank Underwood taught me that. What a guy!

...and this is my face to you Activision for not bringing this to Wii U this year.

Would love to see Treyarch* put this on Nintendo's current home console after such a fantastic Black Ops II version and more than acceptable Ghosts conversion. But hey, it's all business as usual and I've got used to be a minority by now.

* Treyarch has been responsible for bringing COD games to Nintendo consoles, even the ones they did produce from origin like MW and Ghosts. They went uncredited in the near impossible but surprisingly great conversion of COD4: Modern Warfare on Wii and all other yearly outings from there onwards were their work. The original Black Ops remains the best FPS game on the Wii. As such and for treating me and the rest of the Nintendo community with respect, I have nothing to say but good things about them.