I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Pre-Black Friday Wishlists

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All right so organize your thoughts below. What items are you staying up at night tenderly caressing the sales catalog dreaming of? Does the thought of a 300$ PS4 and Bloodborne+Old Hunters DLC send you swooning? Are you imagining finally being able to shoot DisturbedShadow in his everloving face in Halo 1000 million for XBONE? Does the thought of a 10 dollar price shave for an apple TV make your loins quiver?


Let it all out, let’s get our shopping lists ready. Then head on over to amazon, best buy, or target and check out their leaked sales flyers! Newegg has some stuff going on too!

PS. If you’re not going to “do” black friday (i’m not either) you can still make up your Holiday shopping list to share! FUN TIMES. MAKE IT FUN OR DIE!

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