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[Update] Predicting The Saxxy 2015 Winners

Every year, Valve holds a competition for animators skilled in Valve’s own Source Film Maker. Here’s my predictions on who is going to win which category!

Update: I was right on more than you’d think!

Sadly, it seems like the Saxxy rules have gotten a lot more strict, so no 5 minute videos winning anything other than extended or best overall.


Best Overall: Its Play Time

This year hit a really rough patch for the Saxxy’s. There wasn’t a huge downpour of extremely high quality content like there was last year. While I was going through every entry I could find, I found Its Play Time. I didn’t expect much, but was astounded by the high animation value and well done humor that the video had to offer. No video has played off the Meet the Pyro’s baby models yet, and the first to do so did it spectacularly. God damn that’s adorable.

Best Extended: Artificial Feelings

This one actually surprised me after watching it. Judging by its low view count compared to its many competitors, I didn’t think it would have high animation quality or a smart premise. Some stories don’t have to have a moral, nor do they need to have a happy ending. Some stories just need to be pretty, and make you think.

Best Action: Micro Mann

This qualifies as both an action and a comedy video, but I felt the video was too reminiscent of the Marvel movie Ant Man, which seems to have inspired the video in the first place. It has tons of light humor, mixed with some ridiculous fighting, which perfectly matches its inspiration.

Best Drama: Together We Stand

This isn’t much of a Drama, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t dramatic. Last year’s Defect_ was one of the best Drama’s in Saxxy history, but this year there was a distinct lack of dramas. Even the videos which labeled themselves as dramas had close to zero animation in them. Unless Artificial Feelings is chosen for Drama, this is the next best thing. Its not very emotional, but its one of those videos that gets you excited over nothing. Like Dragonforce’s Through the Fire and Flames!

Best Short: System Leak

Everyone’s’ greatest nightmare: being caught with their pants down by a 15 foot tall robotic behemoth. Decent animation quality, plenty of effort put into the video, and you get a pretty good quick laugh.

Best Comedy: The Puppeteer

Staying in disguise can always be a challenge, and The Puppeteer is a great representation of that feeling of panic when you think someone found out you’re a spy. Its actually the only video I could find which made truly laugh (besides play time) which goes to show that it stands out among the many other entries.

What do you guys think? Do you think a different entry should win one of the categories?

Sadly I had to leave Turbulence out as it is incomplete. It did have the most potential were it completed and couldve won best overall, but I know for a fact that incomplete projects do not win a Saxxy, and if Turbulence does win an award then it only shows that the Saxxy’s are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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