I'm really feeling it!

Hey howdy hey, TAY Folks. In case you hadn't heard, because you're not a big Nintendo nerd (unintentional rhyming), there is a Nintendo Direct today at the odd time of 5pm (EST). It's said to focus on the Wii U's spring line-up, though I'm sure there will be a few 3DS surprises.

Here's what I think is going to be shown:

- Nintendo will do a big spot on the new Donkey Kong Country, which arrives next week. Maybe show a few new surprises regarding the game.


- Diddy AND Dixie will be announced for Smash Wii U/3DS. Because Tropical Freeze drops in Japan today. Hype hype hype.

- We will get a more in depth look at Mario Kart 8, which is coming in May. We'll most likely get a solid release date for it as well. I'm gonna say... May 9th.

- Nintendo will talk about upcoming Virtual Console titles. Hopefully Yoshi's Island to coincide with the release of New Island for the 3DS.

- We will be reminded that the Pokemon Bank launched and that we should go use it.


- We will be reminded that Bravely Default is out.

- We'll get a release date for Kirby Triple Deluxe for NA as well as some more footage of major sucking abilities. My guess? April 18th.


What are your predictions for today's Nintendo Direct?

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