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Preorder Way Samurai 4 (PC) for 40% off!


Disclaimer: I’m a non-paid tester.

In about 4 hours, the game will finally be released for Steam. (╹◡╹)


You play as a wandering ronin and you stumble into the conflict of the Japanese government, the rebels and the British foreigners in 1855.

Some details:

- A port of a PS3 game

- Action Adventure slashing game

- Multiple branch storylines with different endings, the actions of your character also affects shops, getting certain missions, ladies and etc

- Likely be more than 50 hours if you want to get everything.

- A historical adventure but don’t expect some details to be too accurate. This game was made for a modern audience.


- Some characters are not what they seem to be...


- Do not button mash, you have to learn to defend, evade and attack according to the pattern of the opponent.


- You can not only get the weapons from defeated opponents, you can also loot the bodies and smash objects for the ‘sometimes’ items but Thief-takers and Constables will not like it.


- Know that doing storyline missions will forward the time and flirting with the ladies will make you miss storyline missions. So plan accordingly.

- Use the multiple saves.

- Get the blacksmith mission done early in the game to power up your weapons and fix weapons for a measly sum. Do not put any reforging into durability but put everything into power.


- Try not to get captured by Thief-takers unless you want...



The torture mini-game had a fast and furious risk of dying which prevents me from getting a screenshot while in ‘it’.


Of course, you can flirt with the torturers... ● ﹏☉


Edit: I can’t believe I forgot to write the blacksmith tip.

Edit2: And its RELEASED!!! Now its 20% off until 30th July.

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