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Presenting: Detective Case and Clown Bot!

Tonight I bring you a Portuguese video game! Wait, what!? There are people making video games in Portugal!? You bet! Our country is far from what it should already have become in the industry, but passionate people like the guys at Nerd Monkeys who spent last year working hard and releasing their first video game prove that indeed we are far from throwing our gloves to the ground, run home and cry to momma.


"Detective Case and Clown Bot in Murder in Hotel Lisbon" (yes, it's a mouthful) it's a point'n'click graphic adventure like the ones we grew up with from (RIP) Lucas Arts and (RIP) Sierra. Player takes control of Detective Case as he investigates along with his robotic sidekick Clown Bot a strange suicide in Hotel Lisbon. The victim seems to have stabbed himself 14 times in the back. That's all you need to know and get into this humours game, the guys did an amazing job making two versions of the script (Portuguese and English) and making the jokes work on both sides. YouTube user Someguy Playing Trought a Collection is making an hilarious (NSFW) walktrought of the game that you can check out below:

"Detective Case and Clown Bot in Murder in Hotel Lisbon" is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux. It will set you a tiny €9.99 but it's value to the Portuguese video game making community is priceless. Don't count us out of the loop just yet. If you happen to like the game, go tell them Shiryu send ya!

As always: Play Hard, Play Loud!

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